People in La Bohéme


The founder and owner of La Boheme is one of those businessmen whose dream about a strong and prospering company came true. After graduating from a University he went to earn new experience abroad and after returning back home he started to establish his brand new company together with Ms Monika Szwarcova. He was able to build a strong and loyal team who participated at establishing the La Boheme Group  companies. Today Mr Krulich is the owner of several prospering companies - La Boheme travel agency, Boheme Concept construction company, Novomestsky Pivovar Brewery, Aron and Henrietta hotelsBoheme Facility company. 

He is a proud father of two daughters and two sons. His hobbies are horses, music and sports.



The co-founder and co-owner of La Boheme, the company's spirit and heart. Already being the University student she became evolved in tourism working as a tour guide. Together with Mr Krulich they founded their travel agency where she still has been working as its General Manager. Her main domain lies in personal dealing with clients to which she makes a good use of fluency in several world languages. She is very fond of her two daughters and a son with whom she spends all her free time. She loves travelling and music.



Pěva has been working for La Boheme for 12 years. She is responsible for the company's finance and cash flow. She studied at the University of Economics and later she passed Auditors exams so she also performs the duty of Certified Accountant and Auditor. She lives surrouded with her cash-flows, audits, budgets and invoices. She loves spending her free time with her friends, quite often at her cottage where she tends her garden. She also loves dogs, antiquities and organ playing. Besides that she bakes fantastic Western-Bohemian cakes- kolache and she is also a talented singer so thanks to her the company's parties are a real treat!



Eva has been working for La Boheme for more than 25 years :-)

She got excited about working in tourism when she was studying high school. After two years long stay in Spain she joined La Boheme in 1994 where she currently works as the Operation Director. She makes a good use of her experience organizing incentive events and conferences the number of which has been increasing every year. She loves her two children and tries to spend as much of her free  time as possible with them. Eva also likes traveling, gardening, flower arranging and volleyball.

Languages: Spanish, English



Jaroslav joined La Boheme in 2014 after long working experience in an airline company. He had been working for 22 years at Czech Airlines in various managing positions both abroad and in the Czech Republic. His daily responsibilities were the providing top-quality services to passengers. Besides that he was responsible for communication and dealing with the business partners from the whole world. His hobbies are sport, music, traveling and tourism.

 Languages: English, Russian



Christophe, our “Frenchman”, with his 24 years background in tourism industry is like Indiana Jones, a pure adventurer, always on the move ! Worked before as a manager in several hotels. Has been living in beautiful Prague for many years now… Likes to face new challenges and makes sure each time that clients enjoy an unforgettable stay. Christophe started to pamper our clients in 2004 in LA BOHEME. Needless to say he is mainly focused on French speaking market but he is able to deal wit any request from every corner of the world. Likes travelers like you, therefore be welcome in Czech Republic!

Languages : Czech, English, French, German



She has been working in tourism for  more than 20 years and enjoy it very much. She started to collaborate with La Boheme being a University student and in 2004  started to work for the company's Spanish department. She loves the buzz around preparing an event and watching all details  match each other like puzzle pieces. She is able to deal with several tasks simultaneously and she love it. She is glad to se those hundreds of satisfied clients every year. She loves to spend her free time with her daughter Carolina and her husband. As a member of Gabriel Choir, where Ishe sing and play the violin, she often perform in retired persons' homes. She has learned there that if we are able to encourage somebody experiencing troubles it is necessary not to put it off, to  do it now!

Languages: Spanish, English



 The fresh graduate from University College of Business in Prague interested in active travelling and tourism. She loves Spain and their culture, where she spent last three summer seasons working in the hotel. For these reasons she joined the La Bohéme and became the new member of the Spanish department. Besides others she likes sport, dance, books and spending time with nice people.

Languages: English, Spanish



New member of La Bohéme team. Michaela has been working in tourism for more than 10 years. She came to La Bohéme after working for several years in a travel agency focused on a Jewish clientele from US and Canada. She loves organizing events and planning programs for her clients. She prepares detailed itineraries also for her private trips and vacations with her family and friends. She loves her family, friends and cooking. She loves to spend her free time with her husband in the kitchen while trying new recipes or traveling for gastronomic experiences.

Languages: English